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  • Ernesto Costa


    Ernesto Costa is a professional with over 25 years’ experience in the areas of marketing, advertising and management. The founder of Palabras Mágicas, he has worked in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Uruguay, Venezuela, the United States and Germany.

    He currently works with many companies that take a special interest in making their events informative, motivating and  very enjoyable. These companies go from the largest in the market, to small organizations which seek to maximize their investment in an event by ensuring an impressive delivery of their messages.

    He has faced audiences ranging from 8 to 1300 people with some of his most sought after programmes as well as custom-designed talks prepared after comprehensive briefing sessions with his clients. These talks were given in Spanish as well as in Portuguese and English.

    His clients include Repsol-YPF, Unilever, Renault, Mattel, Philips, Clarín, Telecom, Gillette, SAP, Roche, Pfizer, Gancia, la Universidad de Belgrano (UB), General Motors, L’Oreal, Danone, y Nivea, to mention just a few.

    His clients value the energy he displays in every presentation, as well as his professionalism and ability to combine business subjects with entertainment (magic, humour or music) in order to create solid and enjoyable programmes.

  • Sorprendentes charlas de negocios

    Ernesto combina información relevante de marketing y management con elementos artísticos (humor, magia o música) para crear sorprendentes charlas de negocios. Sus temas principales son creatividad e innovación, comunicación, marketing, marketing personal, Generación Y y trabajo en equipo.

    De todas maneras, lo más habitual es preparar charlas “a medida” pensadas para obtener el mayor grado de impacto y memorabilidad en cada evento. Porque no hay nada más impactante que escuchar hablar de uno mismo.


  • En su próximo evento

    La próxima vez que tenga un evento y necesite asegurarse de que su auditorio saldrá de allí con algunas ideas concretas grabadas a fuego y rápidamente aplicables al mundo real. Allí es cuando Ernesto Costa se compromete a presentar la charla más inolvidable que su público haya visto.

    Se ha presentado ante auditorios de 8 a 1300 personas con algunos de sus programas más solicitados así como con innumerables charlas a medida confeccionadas luego de un exhaustivo trabajo de briefing con sus clientes. Estas charlas han sido expuestas tanto en castellano como en portugués e inglés.


  • Fascinación intelectual

    La Filosofía de Palabras Mágicas se basa en la idea de que la comunicación movilizadora es un fenómeno de la Fascinación Intelectual. Si su organización tiene un mensaje importante para

    Si su organización tiene un mensaje importante para transmitir, usted quiere que el auditorio esté pendiente de cada palabra y que las ideas sean comunicadas en forma clara, impactante e inolvidable.

    Ernesto trabajará con usted para diseñar un programa a la medida de sus necesidades para lograr exactamente eso. Es eficaz. Y además, ¡Es muy divertido!

The activities can be grouped into
Talks and Programmes


Talks consist of highly dynamic, motivating and humorous presentations lasting up to one hour.


Programmes go more in depth into training and may take anywhere between a few hours to over a day, depending on the content.

  • Charlas motivacionales

    Ud. ha estado seguramente en reuniones en las que hay dos partes claramente diferenciadas: la parte de “trabajo” (cursos, presentaciones, etc.) y la parte “motivacional” (juegos, tiempo libre, actividades sociales).

    Esto suele ocurrir porque una organización necesita una combinación de trasmitir ideas del negocio (resultados, planes o capacitación) con una dosis alta de motivación. En estos casos las presentaciones tradicionales no cubren la necesidad de motivación. Y las actividades netamente lúdicas o motivacionales se quedan cortas en lo que refiere a la transmisión de ideas. Por lo cual se hacen ambas cosas esperando que el agua y el aceite se mezclen.

    Sin duda en muchas ocasiones es conveniente y hasta necesario desarrollar actividades extra-laborales de distensión que apunten a generar otro tipo de vínculo entre las personas que participan de ellas. Pero también tenemos la convicción de que no hay nada más poderoso que un empleado, un cliente o un prospect motivado con el trabajo (no con el juego, el show o el turismo). ¿Y si lo verdaderamente excitante es el negocio?

    Desde hace años trabajamos en desarrollar a medida actividades, esquemas de presentación, formatos de reunión y modelos que permitan que en las reuniones de trabajo lo motivante sea… el trabajo. Obviamente proponemos juegos, humor, participación y estímulos de todo tipo, pero siempre apuntando a reforzar los conceptos que las organizaciones querían transmitir en el momento en que resolvieron reunir a ese grupo en ese lugar.

    Se trata de diseños a medida, por lo que siempre el primer paso consiste en una reunión para explorar la situación y conocer a la organización que lleva a cabo la convocatoria, a su auditorio y sus objetivos, para recién ahí comenzar a desarrollar una propuesta motivante, excitante, inolvidable, divertida… y vinculada con el trabajo.

  • Ad Hoc Programmes and Talks

    Although we base our work on previous experience, our product is not ‘ready-to-wear’, but rather ‘made-to-measure’.

    One of the most attractive and exciting aspects of our work consists in exploring some particular need together with our clients, and jointly developing a Talk or Programme which will prove impressive, solid, conceptual and very enjoyable.

  • Creativity, Innovation and Flexibility in the face of change

    This talk addresses the issue of accepting, accompanying, and even stimulating changes which inevitably take place in the world of business today.

    Some topics borrow ideas from Edward de Bono, Roger von Oech, Michael Michalko or Benjamin Zander, and are enhanced with examples, cases and stories which allow the audience to establish a direct relationship between theory and their daily experience.

    This is a high-impact talk, of great motivational content, presented in an enjoyable and exciting atmosphere,  ideally suited for the opening or closing of an event.

  • Teamwork, communication and leadership

    This programme combines a set of experiential activities with a series of impressive and entertaining talks producing an agile, dynamic and stirring effect.

    Although the tone is stimulating and enjoyable, the aim is to illustrate the use of specific tools in the real business world.

    The notion that in an organization we are everybody else’s clients and suppliers has a positive effect in the way we perceive our work and the part we play in the group’s success.

    The programme may include content for Customer Service and the efficient use of telephone and e-mail.

  • Sales and Motivation

    Its aim is to work on the motivation of commercial representatives, salespeople and employees at large. Namely, we address the need to develop bonds of trust with clients, which must not be interpreted as sustaining friendly or informal relationships. It is deliberately stressed that a commercial representative must tackle his job as if he were a one-man company dedicated to the preservation and development of their own business.

    The audience will be persuaded of the benefits of managing their portfolio proactively, by a series of examples and cases presented in an attractive and stimulating fashion.

  • Personal Marketing

    This motivational programme combines magic, humour, cases and stories to create an enriching content well suited for all types of audiences.

    Drawing a parallel with product marketing, the main idea is based on the existence of a “personal marketing” that can promote anybody’s professional career to a higher and better paid position.

    The aim of the programme is to instill in those present the willingness to take personal responsibility for their own work and to feel responsible for their progress and success.

  • Effective presenters

    Ernesto Costa’s experience both in the world of business as well as in magic and theatre, allows for the creation of this programme which deals with the contents of presentations, how to set them forth, how to manage the audience’s attention, how to deal with questions, how to work with body, hands, voice, room space, etc.

    This is a full-day activity for no more than 8 participants that includes a fair amount of practice involving the use of video cameras and a projecting room to watch participants’ presentations.

    A reduced version of this module, which does not include practical activity, is offered for larger audiences. The length of this shorter version is of 2 hours, during which are detailed the basic principles and tips an effective presenter should adhere to in order to cause the highest impact with their presentation.

  • Customer Service

    Generally speaking, people who attend to clients are aware of the basic concepts implied in the words “quality service”.

    The aim of this talk is to brush up and reinforce these concepts, by employing a motivating and impressive delivery style that will stir the audience beyond the effect produced by the usual Quality of Service talk. The deliberate use of humour in place of a merely academic tone allows for a much more effective transmission of the desired message.

Our philosophy

Who has not experienced having to fight off boredom or sleep during a course, conference or presentation?

It is our firm belief that a business presentation is more tan the mere act of transmitting information: it actually penetrates the área of intelectual fascination. All presentations, even the most arid from a technical point of view, will benefit greatly if they are put forward in an agile and dynamic manner.

The assorment of activities offered by Palabra Mágicas is disegned to communicate messages in an impressive manner, thus transforming the transmission of business and management ideas and concepts into an unforgettable and exciting experience.

All this is based on the certainty that it is far more effective to address an audience´s emotional as well as its intelectual side.

As is to be expected, the amount of humour or “show content” must be tailored to each case, client or audience. In our own experience, however, we have found that there is no conflicto whats o ever between the deliberate use of fun and impact in the way in which information is presented, and the seriousness of its content.

In fact, we have been able to confirmo n a number of occasions that an audience will be more receptive to a message if it is put forward in an attractive and motivating manner with the additional benefit that il will be remembered and talked about for a long time after the presentation.


A lot has been said about innovation and flexibility in the face of change. Le tus to show you a way of dramatizing this with a Little game by Palabras Mágicas. Try it out for yourself!



Éxito Mágico (parece un milagro, pero siempre hay un secreto)

¿Por qué a algunas personas les va mejor que a otras en el mundo del trabajo? ¿Y en la vida en general? Muchas veces, al observar casos de éxito de ciertos individuos, hay quienes piensan que es una cuestión de suerte o de motivos inexplicables. Casi mágicos. En este libro, ágil y entretenido, Ernesto Costa desgrana algunos secretos que estas personas suelen tener en común. Escrito con el estilo descontracturado que lo ha llevado a recorrer Latinoamérica dando conferencias y cursos, Ernesto nos muestra el secreto detrás de esos éxitos que parecen cosa de magia. Pero que no son más que la aplicación de técnicas y actitudes que están al alcance de cualquiera que se proponga llevarlas a cabo. Prepárese a recorrer estas páginas repletas de ideas, casos y algunas dosis de humor, para descubrir que el Éxito Mágico parece un milagro, pero siempre hay un secreto.


  • Accenture SRL
  • Adidas
  • Adrha
  • Aguas Danone
  • Alicorp Argentina
  • Alto Palermo
  • Amdia
  • AMDIA Premios Amauta
  • American Express
  • Arcor Saic
  • Arcos Dorados
  • Artear (Arte Televisvo Argentino)
  • Asfade
  • Aventis
  • Avon Talent Day 2014 ¿Cómo dijo?
  • Bagó
  • Banco Galicia
  • Banco Nación x Charly
  • BASF Argentina SA
  • Baxter
  • Bayer
  • Bayer Mexico
  • BBVA Francés Mkt personal
  • Beiersdorf
  • BGH SA
  • Bimbo
  • Biosidus
  • Bodegas Chandon SA
  • Boehringer
  • Boehringer Via Axya
  • Cablevisión SA
  • Cafés La Virginia SA
  • Cencosud
  • CEOP (Multim y Mkt) Premios Prestigio
  • Ceop (Research Group Sa)
  • Clorox Argentina Sa
  • Cms, Dayco
  • DHL Express (Argentina)
  • Direct Tv
  • Edesur
  • Fértil Finanzas SA
  • Fiat Argentina SA
  • Frávega Convención Mobile
  • Furlong Fox
  • Gancia
  • Garbarino
  • General Motors
  • Getty (Laticontent) Meet regional
  • Grupo Clarín
  • GS1
  • HSBC
  • IAE
  • ICBC Argentina (Coach Lozano dgo)
  • Iosi x La Caja del 18/11
  • Ipsos Argentina
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Jumbo Retail
  • L'Oréal
  • Loma Negra Ciasa
  • Mattel
  • Merial Argentina SA
  • Merial Chile
  • Merial México
  • Merial Uruguay
  • Meta4 Austral SA
  • Monsanto
  • Multimarketing
  • Nestle Argentina S.A
  • Nestlé Paraguay
  • Nextel
  • Nissan Lanz Slogan interno
  • Nivea Chile
  • Novartis
  • Osde SA
  • Pernod Ricard
  • Pernod Rou
  • Pfizer
  • Philips
  • Pinturerías Rex
  • Porter Novelli
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Provincia ART
  • Prudential, Reader's Digest
  • Readers Digest Argentina
  • Renault Argentina SA
  • Roche Diagnóstico
  • Royal Canin Argentina
  • Sancor
  • Sc Johnson
  • Liverpool México
  • Snoop Consulting SRL
  • Syngenta Agro SA
  • Syngenta Paraguay
  • Telecom
  • Telefónica
  • Unilever
  • VISA
  • Vistage
  • YPF
  • Zurich Seguros

  • Tu participación ha cumplido y superado nuestras expectativas. Hemos recibido los mejores comentarios por parte de los asistentes respecto de esta novedosa opción para el dictado de los cursos... Muchas gracias por tu profesionalidad y buena predisposición.

    General Motors


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